Sunday 30 March 2014

spring bees, march on the first day of summertime

it's a while since we last posted. facebook taking over blogging.

but in light of a lovely day out to see the bees and swap the crystallised sugar and fondant for light syrup, thought i'd blog a bit.

spring pollen is coming in - has been for a while. bright yellow reflecting the flora around and about
and the weather is mild. a pleasing 15 degrees today - though hazy

the good news is 3 of our colonies are looking healthy and active. along with the pollen, there's new comb too

an extra box has been added to the garden warre. all boxes full and bees beginning to build in the fondant bag 

sadly, 2 colonies don't look to be doing quite so well. the (once nasty) now placid and all but empty national, and the top warre - but they went into winter a small colony. they both have honey store, and now syrup. doesn't look like there's much we can do other than wait...

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