Sunday 17 June 2012

Todmorden Agricultural Show

a wet one
but spirits and enthusiasm weren't dampened
on the contrary
we had a great day out
sloshing about
in the todmorden lido

alan in fighting spirits

a great buzz in our tent - that we shared with ferret lovers

a massive thank you to all who braved the weather to come to the Todmorden Agricultural Show
it was splendid, as usual

and thank you Mr Rigg, Ralph, and Barbara for bringing honey to sell

a summary of march - june

march - and the weather was unexpectedly HOT
bee nucs that we were expecting to collect in may were ready for collection
so all hands on deck to prep the new warre and topbar hives - 8 in total

and from that time on, it seems to have been non-stop bee related activity

establishing the new meadow apiary

checking hives

collecting swarms - too preoccupied to take photos

and changing our group name to
Bee Friendly Collective

we've delivered 2 bee friendly keeping courses
and now have 16 bee friendly hives
in 3 apiaries and back gardens
in and around Todmorden