Saturday 24 December 2011

all closed down for the winter

The bee credible bees are all tucked up in their winter quarters clustering together to keep the hive warm. We have used straw bales as a windbreak on one of the top bar hives where the fierce wind and rain have been lashing down over the past weeks.

We can still see the odd bee peeking out but sensibly she pops back in again very quickly. All drones had been evicted from the hive earlier in year which makes their winter honey stores go further. There will be very little opportunity now to collect more nectar.

New bee keepers are anxious about whether the bees will survive the winter, but now all we can do is watch and wait and hope for the best. We have done all we can.

We will soon have news about basic training which will probably start in February so watch out for this if you have already requested it.

Have a very happy Christmas and new year.