do you think you have a swarm of bees?

if you think you have a swarm of honey bees, the first thing you should do is
go to

Then, after clicking onto this link, if you still think they have a swarm of honey bees
(and not wasps or bumble bees) 
type in your postcode and you will receive a list of near-by beekeepers who are registered with the British Bee Keeping Association
contact one of them 
an experienced beekeeper will come and take away the bees, find them a hive, and a new bee keeper 

(members of the Bee Friendly Collective are on this list, as are many other bee keepers from the Todmorden area)

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  1. I am curious as to how well your swarm site works. Here in Texas I am trying to create a place for people to post bee swarms. In our area we only have two or three of us that are interested in collecting them.

    Thanks, Joe
    Bee Peaceful Beekeeping