Tuesday 4 June 2013

Meet the Bees!

We held another training course recently which included a “meet the bees” session in the Allotment apiary. The weather was warm and sunny - and this was reflected in the the mood of the bees. All the hives were opened and inspected including the bees that Phil Chandler had rescued.

The afternoon finished off with the transfer of a colony from a plastic flowerpot into one of our new top-bar hives. Astonishingly they had successfully over-wintered in this unconventional hive and, as you can see from this video, were in great need of more space. Within half an hour all of them had settled into their new accommodation.

Many thanks to Jackie Logue for the videos.

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  1. Videos are unavailable - probably need moving properly to e.g. Vimeo or YouTube preferably in a format where HTML5 video is presented rather than Flash