Monday 6 August 2012

Bees on the move 2!

The colony in the national hive in the Garden apiary has a chequered history this year - at times extremely aggressive at others sadly morose.  Wondering if the position of the hive - becoming hemmed in by willow plantings - might be affecting them a move to the  Red Acre site in Mytholmroyd for a short "holiday" seemed a good idea.*

Carol, Adrian, Radhe and John survey their handiwork.

* Bees must be moved more than three miles or their sense of direction will take them back to the old site.  This move means that we can bring them back to Todmorden in a few weeks time.


  1. Can't wait to have a visit back to the UK - I'm hoping I'll be able to buy some of your honey as we are honey-mad here and committed to all it's benefits. Honey and onion can cure a sore throat in minutes! Axxx

  2. Aparently it works even if you move them up to 100 yards in the evening when all bees are in the hive. Once moved to the new location place a branch with lots of leaves infront of the hive so bees have to fly through it. Like this they will see that something is out of order and will re-orientate at the entrance the same they do the first time when they become flying bees by circeling around the hive. Read more on Michael Bush site.