Sunday 1 July 2012

Beautiful swarm

Swarms all over this year

This is the beautiful swarm we collected from the allotment.

Just thinking how to collect it without too much disturbance

Its a four person job. 

One to hold the collecting box, one to cut the branch, one to lower the branch with bees into the box and of course someone to document the occassion

 Leaving now to catch the stragglers as they are guided in

 Then simply place them into one of our new Warre hives

What a well behaved swarm - job well done


  1. Glad to have found your lovely bee blog!!
    We are devoted honey-eaters and users in our house and struggle sometimes to get the really good stuff. Is there a chance of saving me a pot for when I'm next over? I'd gladly pay good money for some from these lovingly tended bees! Axxx

    1. Hi Annie. It's a tough year for bees with all the torrential rain and flooding we have had so not sure we will get much honey. I'm surprised that there aren't any local beekeepers near you. Mari xxx