Monday 13 February 2012

We no longer have an apiary at the Unitarian Church

Twice the top bar hive at the Unitarian Church has been interfered with.
Twice bars, with comb, have been strewn across the floor.
The 2nd time this happened was in minus temperatures with snow all around.
To leave them, even with a padlock around the hive, we felt, would be too much of a risk to take; as well as an unnecessary one.
A new site was found
Less than a mile away
3 miles for 3 weeks, as is the normal rule, was not considered necessary for a hive move at this time of year. Both our local Bee Inspector and members of the Halifax Beekeeping Association (some with more than 30 years of experience) said:
move them now, straight to the new site; now whilst it is cold and before the queen starts laying.
So that’s what did, on a bitterly cold and icy Saturday morning.

Moving a TBH is more than a one-person job
We were 6
Chipping in together – as we always do

while some cleared the new site in readyness
others removed  the securing pins
and strapped down the lid
carrying the bee hive through the icy grave yard

in the van
and off to the new site
a hillside site
with a retaining wall
some 5 feet tall

the wall  overcome
the hillside was next

but all worth it

final adjustments

the bees in their new site
with views of heartshead pike

a smashing spot
south facing
and lots of forage – even now. Gorse blooming just a few feet away.

job done
marion listens in
still buzzing
let’s hope the trauma’s they’ve had
matter not in the long run
and that they’ll pull through into spring
and beyond

we returned to the warm
beetroot soup and parsnip cake - thanks Judy


  1. There is still an apiary at the Unitarian church.
    just not belonging to Bee Credible. There are actually three productive hives with honey in season, thus putting the honey back into Honey Hole.

  2. Quite right Wes has his own hives near his house and is doing very well.