Tuesday 12 July 2011

Happy Anniversary!

 July 13th 2011 marks Bee Credible’s first anniversary as beekeepers.  Just a year ago we put our first bees into the top-bar hives – not even the louring skies and intermittent rain could dampen our excitement on that evening.

Although there have been one or two setbacks during the year – not least the bees’ insistence on building comb across the bars rather than along them - both colonies survived the worst winter weather for many years and are still going strong.

During the year we have added five more hives and, with the success of the Bee Spoke Bid we are ready to expand further – adding more hives and getting more people involved.

So, charge your glasses with some suitable honey-based concoction and make a toast to the bees and a year of success for Bee Credible!

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