Wednesday 29 June 2011

bee spoke todmorden vote today

Working in partnership, Incredible Edible, Todmorden in Bloom, Todmorden Pride, and Bee Credible have submitted a bid to the Jubilee People’s Millions to create a Beespoke project in Todmorden. If the bid is successful the partners in the bid will be in a position to:
  • Create six bee friendly gardens in Todmorden, with bumblebee and bug hotels;
  • Install interactive interpretation learning pods at each bee garden, all about bumblebees, honeybees, other pollinators, and bugs;
  • Create a Bee Trail along Todmorden’s new Incredible Green Route;
  • Design and publish bee route maps;
And, importantly for Bee Credible and all wannabe local beekeepers:
  • Purchase beekeeping equipment, more bees and beehives - top-bar hives, national hives, and warre hives;
  • Train new beekeepers;
  • Provide the opportunity to become hands-on community beekeepers in 2012.

PLEASE CALL 0871 6268147 NOW

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