Hive reports

Alan and Mari visited the allotment apiary today 6th July 2013 at 10:30am

Weather: glorious sunshine calm and dry. Lots of dew on the plants.

National hive: lots of bees but no stores and sparse brood. We saw a queen which we took to be a young maiden queen which may not be fertilised yet. Syrup feeder is full and they don't appear to be taking any. Bees are busy outside the hive.

Top bar - plant pot hive: Lots of bees lots of stores and they are also taking fondant. We tried to inspect them but the combs were crossed and unstable. They are also building new comb and are very busy outside the hive. Queen cells seen.

Bottom Warre (first swarm): bees are busy coming and going. We didn't open them but looked through the window and could see lovely straight comb

Top Warre (second swarm): bees are still clustered inside the hive. Again we didn't open them but inspected through the window. They are taking some syrup. Lots of bees and some coming and going.

Original top bar hive had some bees on the landing board and a few inside but not really a colony there now.

As we were leaving there was a lot of agitation and loud buzzing above so we stayed a while to see if this was another swarm forming. They calmed down so we left them to it. Maybe check tomorrow just to make sure.

Alan checked the bees in Kerry's garden and gave more syrup as no stores in the Warre hive. Note though that the bees are now building in the lower box which is a first for us.

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