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Sunday 21
st May – Another of our popular one day courses An Introduction to Natural Beekeeping with a chance to “meet the bees” in the afternoon
Saturday 17th June – We’ll be pitching our gazebo as usual at the Todmorden Show at Cliviger.
NOTE: We understand there are plans to hold a “country” show in Centre Vale Park sometime in June – we’ll be there as well.
Sunday 2nd July – The second of our An Introduction to Natural Beekeepingcourses – spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.
From 2016
2nd Northern Natural Beekeeping Convention

Once again, we were heavily involved in the organisation of the 2nd Northern Natural Bee Keeping Convention at Brinscall Hall.

From the 5th to the 7th of August more than 40 Bee Keepers from all over Northern England and from Scotland met and discussed many topics that are of interest for us working with Bees.

This year we did not ask for  presentations from experts but focussed on learning from each other. The wealth of knowledge and deeply researched findings that emerged during this weekend was truly amazing. We shared thoughts and listened to contributions such as
‘Hives used in natural beekeeping’
‘Learning from Feral Bees: Towards Sustainable Beekeeping’
‘Harvesting From HivesWhen, Why & How (Honey Extraction and Wax Rendering)’
‘What Beekeeping Means to People’
‘Moving Towards a Darker Bee’
‘Community Beekeeping: Working as a collective; constitution; funding; marketing’
We learned in Practical Workshop about
‘Seed Bombing’
‘Foraging: Where Do Bees Go?’

‘Hives and Swarming & Splitting and Combining’
‘Hive Adaptations’

‘how to run workshop about Natural Beekeeping for Beginners’

And, of course, such a weekend leaves plenty of time to meet and socialize when we, for example, tasted Mead and watched films like ‘More than Honey’


Natural Beekeeping - Northern Gathering

The gathering is for anyone with an interest in natural beekeeping at all levels and the role of bees in the wider environment.

Be inspired, learn and share a weekend of talks, demonstrations, workshops, conversation, music and camping,

This is our first regional convention following on from the Friends of the Bees unconvention last summer.

Speakers include:
Phil Chandler Barefoot Beekeeper
David Raynor from the Black Bee project at Offshoots, Burnley.
Maureen Little, author of many books around herbalism and planting for bees.
Carl Clee with expertise around wild bees
Bees for Development(TBC).
Many more workshops and demonstrations

Accommodation is in shared rooms in the hall or camping in the stables or grounds and the cost is included in your payment. You will need to contact Avril at Brinscall Hall to book accommodation - First come first served for space inside.

Registration will be from 9am on Saturday 16th August and the programme will start at 10am.

Meals and refreshments will mostly be provided but please bring vegetarian food to share for Saturday lunch

If you need to arrive on Friday evening please note there will be a light evening meal and Saturday morning breakfast provided. There are restaurants and takeaways available locally if you need a more substantial meal. Please let Avril know if you want to arrive on Friday evening.

The cost is a donation from £30 to £60

To book please send cheque made payable to: Bee Friendly Collective (Todmorden)

Send to Bee Friendly Collective,
c/o Staveley Cote Farm, Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 8RP

or Book online
There is a booking fee to pay for online processing depending on how much you pay.

You can contact Bee Friendly Collective (Todmorden) by email  

Alternatively send an email to to be added to our mailing about training days.

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